Achill Beg Construction is an integrative construction firm based in San Francisco. Founded in 1995 by James Gallagher we specialize in custom Residential and Commercial, New Developments and Remodels.

Owner James Gallagher is a leading General Contractor with decades of experience in construction and Engineering. Originally from Ireland he was raised and educated in London where he studied engineering before moving to San Francisco. For over 2o years he has consistently delivered high quality construction. His unwavering ethics and attention to detail has helped build strong client / contractor relationships based on trust. This has made him a respected leader in the industry with many repeated and long standing clients.

James is also a family man with 4 sons who strives to make a difference within his community by creating and building a better society for future generations.

Together with his team, James Gallagher and Achill Beg Construction strive to meet and exceed clients’ needs. We recognize value and respect clients who share our values.