1525 Pine Street

1525 Pine: A Symbiotic Mix of History and Innovation

The 1525 Pine project in San Francisco’s vibrant Lower Polk corridor is poised to become a landmark of revitalization and sustainability. Rising eight stories from the site of a former one-story commercial structure, the project seamlessly blends historical preservation with modern design.

At its heart lies the iconic Grubstake Diner, a beloved community landmark and significant meeting place for San Francisco’s LGBTQ+ community since the 1970s. The project carefully reinterprets the diner, preserving its essence through meticulously restored ornate murals, lighting, and a layout reminiscent of its original charm. This ensures that the Grubstake brand can continue to thrive in a new era.

Six stories above the reimagined diner, 1525 Pine offers a mix of affordable and market-rate residential units, addressing the city’s critical housing needs. The project’s commitment to affordability is further bolstered by its participation in the State Density Bonus Program.

But 1525 Pine goes beyond mere construction. It breaks new ground by utilizing a cutting-edge material – cross-laminated timber (CLT) – for eight stories, exceeding current code limitations in San Francisco. This innovative approach offers numerous benefits:

Sustainability: CLT production is carbon-neutral and the material itself stores carbon, significantly reducing the project’s overall carbon footprint.

Speed: CLT’s prefabricated nature enables faster construction times, minimizing disruption to the neighborhood.

Strength: CLT’s superior strength-to-weight ratio and fire resistance ensure the building’s long-term durability and safety.

With its groundbreaking construction methods, commitment to sustainability, and respect for the area’s history, 1525 Pine is more than just a mixed-use development; it’s a testament to San Francisco’s progressive spirit and dedication to building a vibrant future for its diverse communities.

Achill Beg Construction

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