3150 3rd Street

Transformation of 3150 3rd Street Warehouses

Project overview

Witness the remarkable metamorphosis of two existing warehouses at 3150 3rd Street, where our construction firm played a pivotal role in the adaptive reuse of these industrial spaces. The project involved strategic demolition, removal of contaminants, and tenant improvements to attract substantial commercial tenants to the property.

Key features:

  • Selective Demolition: Our team executed a precise and selective demolition of interior walls and ceilings, creating a blank canvas for the adaptive reuse process.
  • Contaminated Material Removal: Ensuring environmental safety, we meticulously removed any contaminated materials, providing a clean and secure foundation for the transformation.
  • Tenant Improvements: Tailoring the warehouses to meet the specific needs of modern commercial tenants, tenant improvements were implemented, enhancing functionality and aesthetics.

Our construction firm worked hand-in-hand with the ownership group, fostering a collaborative partnership. Regular communication and transparent coordination were instrumental in achieving the shared vision for the adaptive reuse of 3150 3rd Street.

Achill Beg Construction

Achill Beg Construction is a construction firm based in San Francisco. Founded in 1995, we specialize in large residential and commercial developments, historic preservation, and seismic retrofitting.