Medallion Burlingame

Presenting the Medallion Burlingame Steakhouse, where sophistication meets culinary excellence in a transformative Tenant Improvement Remodel. Our project has redefined the dining experience, introducing a range of enhancements, including a captivating outdoor patio with a fireplace and an innovative outdoor cinema.

Step into a world of culinary indulgence at Medallion Burlingame Steakhouse, where attention to detail is paramount. The Tenant Improvement Remodel has seamlessly integrated a dynamic outdoor space, complete with a cozy patio adorned with a warming fireplace. This al fresco haven not only offers a serene dining atmosphere but also features an outdoor cinema, creating an enchanting backdrop for memorable dining experiences.

The restaurant itself is a masterpiece of design and functionality, boasting private dining rooms for intimate gatherings, an 80-seat outdoor patio for al fresco delights, and a chic 50-seat bar. With the capacity to accommodate over 400 people, Medallion Burlingame Steakhouse stands as a versatile destination for various occasions.

Indulge in a culinary journey where ambiance, innovation, and delectable cuisine converge seamlessly. Medallion Burlingame Steakhouse is not just a restaurant; it’s an experience designed to exceed expectations and redefine the art of dining.

Achill Beg Construction

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